Cause and Effect



Since I am diabetic, I take frequent breaks for liquids, which results in frequent potty breaks.


Use the research information to develop a science project.

What to Do!

1. Find a cause/effect pair. This means to find something that when changed causes a change in something else (the effect).

2. What is the cause/effect pair in the research?

  • Cause: amount of liquid being drank
  • Effect: Number of potty breaks (frequency of urination)

3. Write a question comparing the cause/effect pair.

  • How does the amount of liquid that is drank affect the number of potty breaks needed?

4. Write a hypothesis–your guess about the answer to the question.

  • As the amount of liquid drank increases, the number of potty breaks will increase.

5. Test your hypothesis by performing an experiment to determine how accurate it is.


I would have to experiment with my body and that is not something that anyone should do unless they get their doctors approval.

My doctors needs to know the basics of my experiment– The purpose and objective of the experiment as well as how I will be experimenting:

1. I would need to measure the amount of liquid drank and the number of potty breaks taken.

2. A control, which is a standard rompare emperimental results with is needed. For example, on one day, I would drink the same amount of liquid at specific time intervals. I would record the amount of liquid and when I drank it. Also, Iwould need to record the number of potty breaks take.

3. Now for my experiment, which would be done on different days —

  • Drink more water than used for the control.
  • Drink less water than used for the control.

4. Compare the results of the two experiments with the control.

Since water is a very important nutrient—-This information doesn’t tell my doctor how much water I will be drinking each day. But, even a detailed experimental procedure would receive the same negative answer.


But the process of developing this project idea is good. I just need to do more research to find a cause and effect pair that will be acceptable.
More Later, Janice