A ratio is the  relationship between two amounts.  A ratio can be expressed as a fraction.

What comes to mind is icing cupcakes. If I use one cup of vanilla cake icing to ice 4 cupcakes, and one cup of chocolate icing to ice 2 cup cakes, which cup cakes have more icing on them, the vanilla cupcakes or the chocolate cupcakes?cupcake-vanilla


1. The ratio for each type of icing to the number of cupcakes is:

1 cup vanilla icing: 4 cupcakes

1 cup chocolate icing: 2 cupcakes

2. The fraction representing each ration is:

1 cup vanilla icing/4 cupcakes

1 cup chocolate icing/2 cupcakes


Math: For any fraction, when the denominator number increases, the fraction value decreases. For example, 1/4 is less than 1/2.

This is because the quantity of the numerator is spread out over the size of the denominator.cupcake-chocolate

So which cupcakes have a thinner layer of icing:

1. The vanilla which have 1 cup of icing spread over the surface of 4 cupcakes?

2. The chocolate which have 1 cup of icing spread over the surface of 2 cupcakes?

Answer: The chocolate cupcakes have more icing.

More Later, Janice

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