BUG ID Cards: Insects

Bug is a term used for all creepy crawlers, including insects and spiders. An easy way to distinguish insects and spiders is called The 3 + 3 Rule.

Insects have:

  • three pairs of legs (3 legs on each side of its second body part)
  • three body parts

Let’s Get Buggy

1. On index cards, draw simple bugs.

Make some the bugs insects (these meet the 3 + 3 rule for insects).

For example:

Drawing A has three pairs of legs, but only two body parts. This bug is not an insect.

Drawing B has three pairs of legs and three body parts. This bug is an insect.

2. Kids can separate the cards into two stacks:

Stack 1: YES (Bug drawings are insects)

Stack 2: NO (Bug drawings are not insects.)

Afterbig-book-of-play-and-find-out2 kids know how to identify insects, they can create more BUG ID Cards.

More Facts About Insects

Insects have 2 eyes and 2 antennae on their head. Some are wingless and some have one or two pairs of wings on their second body part.