How To Clean Flesh From Chicken Bones

Chick PortraitA whole chicken refers to a dead purchased chicken (without its head) that has not been cut into pieces. Use as many chickens as needed for the size of your class.

The following Instructions are for One Chicken. Use a bigger pot or repeat the process if you want to prepare more than one set of chicken bones.

CAUTION:These instructions are  for adults only.

1. Boil a whole chicken in a pot of water. Cook until the meat easily falls away from the bones simply by stirring.

CAUTION: When handling UNCOOKED chicken, wash your hands and surfaces that the chicken has come in contact with. This is a preventative measure because uncooked chicken can be contaminated with salmonella bacteria (bacteria that causes food poisoning).

2. Remove the pot from the stove and allow its contents to cool.

3. Use your hands to separate the bones from the meat. If containers and hands are clean, it would be safe to eat the meat. Your choice.

4. Wash the bones in soapy water and rinse with tap water.

5. For added safety, soak the bones in bleach for about 30 minutes.
FYI: The bleach whitens the bones, but it also disinfects them.

Caution: Protect your hands, clothes, and eyes when working with bleach.

5. Pour the bleach down the drain, and then rinse the bones several times to remove the bleach. Discard rinse water by pouring it down the drain.

6. Wash the bones with soapy water, and then rinse.

10. Lay the bones on a towel to dry.

Voila’ You Have Chicken Bones–Yea!!!!!

Idea for Using the Bones

A chicken’s body is relatively symmetrical. In other words, if the body is divided down the center from head to toe, the bones on the left side are mirror images of the bones on the right side.

Your hands are a good example of mirror image bones–while your hands are very much alike, they are backwards from each other. Placing your palms together, your hands are a perfect fit.

You could place the dry bones inside a shallow box. Kids can separate the bones into two piles–bones for the left side and bones for the right side.

The level of difficulty increases if you have the bones of multiple chickens in the box.

Dinosaur Information and InvestigationsMore Fun Things to Know and Do

Scientists collect dinosaur bones and put them together to guess what dinosaurs looked like. Can you guess what the chicken looked like from the bones? Which bone is the leg? Which bone is part of the wing? Which is the largest bone? The chicken is symmetrical, meaning it has two identical sides. There should be identical bones for each side of the chicken’s body. How many bones can you find that look alike?