Electric Circuit: Parallel


Question: What is a parallel circuit?


First, let me define a few words:

electricity: Electrical energy
circuit: Path through which electrical energy passes.
series circuit: A circular path through which electricity passes.
parallel circuit: A circuit with branched paths through which electricity passes.

A parallel circuit is made of 2 or more connecting circles.

In a series circuit, electricity passes from one bulb to the next giving a small amount energy to each bulb. This results in the light bulbs glowing brightly as long as every light bulb in the series is working. If one of the bulbs burns out or is removed from the socket, the circuit is broken and the electricity stops flowing.

In a parallel circuit, if one light bulb burns out or is removed, the circuit is not broken. This is because the electricity can bypass the socket without a bulb or with a burned out bulb. This is the type of circuit that is using in buildings, such as your home.