Gravity Research

The scientific method is the name of the process used for scientific problem solving. Research is part of this process and includes all the different ways that information can be collected. One way to do research is to read what others have written.

Directions: Read the following information about gravity. Then answer the question that follow.


Gravity is a force that pulls everything toward the center of the Earth. This is why when things are dropped they fall downward toward Earth’s surface.

Earth spins around like a merry-go-round. If you were at Earth’s equator, you would be moving at a speed of about 1,038 miles per hour. Your speed would decrease as you move closer to either pole. At mid-latitude your speed would be about 700 to 900 mph. At these speeds, gravity keeps things on Earth from flying into space.

Everything on Earth is under the force of gravity, even the bones in your spine. These bones are called vertebrae. When you are upright, standing or sitting, gravity pulls your vertebrae down basically squeezing them together.

Space craft orbiting Earth have less gravity pulling on them because of their distance from Earth. Because of the motion of the craft, there is an apparent zero gravity inside the craft.

1. What is gravity?

2. Why are astronauts taller in space?

Directions: Interview your family. Find out what they know about gravity. On the back of this paper, write questions about gravity.


1. Do my vertebrae separate when I lay down?

2. Without gravity, what would happen when I vomit?