Mechanical Wave Energy

energy-transversejpgA mechanical wave is a type of energy that disturbs the medium through which it travels. This means that something physically moves.

Transverse Wave: A type of mechanical wave energy that causes the medium (material) through which is travels to be disturbed. The movement of the medium is in a direction that is perpendicular (at right angle) to the direction of the wave. In other words, if the energy is moving horizontally, the medium is displaced in an up and down direction.

In the diagram, the direction of the medium’s displacement is up and down, and the movement of the energy is horizontal and to the right. Water waves are a typical example of transverse waves, but the energy that moves through the rubbery material of a trampoline provides a more visual model of how the molecules of the medium are displaced. Click   HERE for details. OOPS! I DIDN’T FINISH THE SECOND HALF OF THIS —SO I’LL FIX IT AND HAVE A BETTER POST FOR YOU TOMORROW.