Science Fair Project Judging Rubric

You can make assessing student projects easy by providing judges with a Judging Sheet.

Having this assessment sheet will also assist you in acquiring volunteer judges.

As to judges, they do not all have to be knowledgeable in science. The point of the science fair is for students to learn more about science and to be able to share their knowledge with others.

Science Fair Project Judging Rubric

Judge___________ Judges’ Average Score___________

Project #________ Student__________________

Use the following rubric for scoring projects:

4=Quality, 3=acceptable, 2=Could Use Work, 1= Needs Additional Work

Student Presentation:
Student demonstrates knowledge of these steps of the Scientific Method:
Problem, Hypothesis, Experiment, Data, Analysis, Conclusion.

____4 pt. Explains all steps:

____3 pt. Explains at least 5 steps easily, shows understanding.

____2 pt. Explains most steps with encouragement.

____1 pt. Tries to answer questions asked by the judge.

2.  Student shows enthusiasm and interest in the project:

____4 pt. Student is excited about the project and eagerly explains it.

____3 pt. Student is pleasant and shares information.

____2 pt. Student gives answers when asked.

____1 pt. Student answers some questions about the project.

3.  Student speaks knowledgeably about the project:

____4 pt. Student eagerly describes many details of the experiment.

____3 pt. Student shows understanding of the project.

____2 pt. Student knows what the project is, giving minimal explanation.

____1 pt. Student can answer questions when prompted.

Student’s Science Fair Display

1.  Display is well-organized and visually appealing.

____4 pt. Title-top of center panel. Data is shown in clear tables, charts,                                 and/or pictures with titles and labels. The display is neat, easy to                           read and observers can find the problem and learn the answer                               from the material on the display. Visually attractiveness.

____3 pt. Board is neat and attractive, limited tables, charts or pictures.

____2 pt. Board has headings, using information stated.

____1 pt. Board has headings and limited information.

2. Display has these steps of the Scientific Method clearly displayed:
Problem, Hypothesis, Experiment, Data, Analysis, Conclusion.

____4 pt. The five steps of the scientific method are represented and clearly                         stated. The data charts have titles and information labeled.

____3 pt. Each step of the scientific method is clearly represented, but                                   information is brief. Some of data may not be properly labeled.

____2 pt. Has each step on the board, but the board does not clearly                                       represent what the investigation is about.

____1 pt. Has some steps on the board. Over all the display board does not                          represent what the investigation is about. Much or all of the data is                      lacking titles and /or labels.

Log Book

Log Book shows written evidence of research, experimentation and analysis.
The Log Book contains these five parts:
Cover, Table of Contents, Research/Interviews. Thank you page and/or bibliography and Experimentation data.

____4 pt. Book has all five parts and is well organized.

____3 pt. Book has four to five parts, but lacks organization .

____2 pt. Book has two or more parts but is disorganized.

____1 pt. Book is minimal.

________Grand Total:


Project #_______ Student____________________________ Grade________

Two positive comments:

One positive suggestion:


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