Testable Science Questions

Science Fair Questions Should Be Testable.

Questions for Science Inquiry Investigations are Testable

Questions for Science Inquiry Investigations:

Identify: an independent variable and a dependent variable

What effect does gender have on the length of adult feet?

Independent Variable: Effect of gender

Dependent Variable: length of adult feet

More Example Questions


1. How does temperature affect the rate of  seed germination?

2. What effect do microwaves have on the ability of seeds to germinate?


1. How does the temperature of a lubricant affect its viscosity?

2. What effect does greasing bearings have on the speed of a  skateboard?


Heat Energy

1 Which releases more heat when burned, a peanut or a pecan?

2. From where do peanuts come?


1. What effect does temperature have on the elasticity of a rubber band?

2. How does gas pressure inside a basketball affect how high the ball  bounces?


1. When mixing an acid and base, how do their pH values affect the amount of each needed for a neutralization reaction?

2. What effect does the concentration of a baking soda solution have on the amount needed to neutralizing an acid?


1. What effect does gas pressure have on how explosive a volcano is?

2. How does the viscosity of magma affect how explosive a volcano is?


1. What effect does borax powder have on repelling insects?

2. Ants mark their path with a scent so they can follow each other in a line. What effect would the width of gap in the scented trail have on the ants finding the trail?

Solar Energy

1. How does the latitude of a region on earth affect the concentration of solar energy?

2 What effect does cloud cover have on the the color intensity of sun-shadows?