Science Fair Project: DNA Extraction


I want to do a science fair project about DNA. How do I get started?


Following are steps to help you start a project about DNA.

Step 1. Topic

When doing a science fair project, your first step is to select a topic. You have selected the topic DNA. Since a science fair project should be an experiment, I recommend extracting DNA from plant or animal cells.

Step 2. Research

Research is learning about your topic. You can do this by reading about DNA as well as doing an exploratory investigation about DNA extraction.

Note: Exploratory Investigations are experiments, usually with step-by-step instructions.

There are different exploratory experiments about DNA extraction, but most have the basic procedure..

Note: The procedure for exploratory experiments can often be used as the Experimental Control for your science fair project. The same procedure can be used as the pattern when designing an experimental investigation for your science fair project.

Experimental Control, which is a standard that you can compare the results of your science project experiment with. More about this later.

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