Slime Project Index


How to Develop A Borax Slime Science Project


slime-ball-pinkGetting Organized

Science Fair Log Book

This is an example of how to keep all your notes together. Basically, this log book is your science project diary.

Student Grading Sheet

This sheet is an example of a grading sheet sheet used to evaluate student projects. It gives you a general idea what is important. Ask your teacher if it agrees with the values that she/he will be using to judge your project.

Using the Scientific Method to Develop
a Borax Slime Project

Step 1  Topic for a Science Project
Step 2 Research
for a Borax Slime Project

Step 3: Variables for a Slime Project

Step 4: Questions for a Slime Project

Step 5: Hypothesis

Step 6: Experiment for a Slime Project

Step 7: Control for a Slime Project Experiment

Types of Controls


Step 8: Data Collection

Brief description of collecting data.

Step 9: Data AnalysisThis contains examples of analyzing data collected.


Step 10: ConclusionA brief description of writing a conclusion.

Step 11: Report

General information about writing a science fair project report.
Examples of how to credit material found on the web.
An example of a rubric for grading student reports.

Step 13: Display