Science Project Books

In this terrific collection of fun, kid-tested science activities, bestselling children's science writer and former teacher Janice VanCleave has cocombined her favorite sdience activities for young people into one jumbo-sized book that you and your children will love. The book is designed to help young students catch the "science bug" and find the answers for themselves to these and other questions: Why do cats have whiskers? How does a caterpillar change into a butterfly? Why do elephants have such large ears? How does a grasshopper grow? Why is the skin on my elbows so wrinkled? Why does food taste different when I have a cold? How can we make perfume from flower petals? Why does my shadow change during the day?

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Science/Math Resources for Educators:(Grades pre-K through 2)

These resource books supply ideas for teaching the scientific method so that it is part of exploring science instead of steps to memorize–and some of the books come complete with ready-to-copy handouts.

Experiments for Young Learners

Science/Math For Young Learners

Fun Investigations for Young Learners.

Science/Math Resources for Educators (Ages 8-12)

Packed with fun experiments and projects for students, these resources supply the key to science teaching success—and some of the books come complete with ready-to-copy handouts.


For kids looking for a winning science fair project, these guides are an unbeatable source of ideas, inspiration, and practical know-how. Ages 8-12

A+ Science Fair Projects for Kids Ages 13+

Science Through Time and Places Series

These books bring the history of science and the seasons to life with easy-to-understand explanations and lots of fun experiments and demonstrations. Ages 8-12.

Science For Every Kid Series (8-12)

These books help kids get a handle on specific science subjects, and provide plenty of hands-on experiments to make learning fun.

Science Collection Series

A cornucopia of safe, low cost experiment that illuminate a wide range of science topics.